Friday, May 31, 2013

My name is Ginny Baughman and I'm a teaching artist living and working in central Ohio.

About Me

I have spent most of my life devoted to the creation and teaching of art. I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and spent the past 26 years living and working in Westerville, Ohio. My inspiration for my art comes from my life as a woman, wife and mother, drawing and painting my home town of Westerville, Ohio and my students.
My education has been devoted to the study of art and arts education. I graduated from the University of Dayton in the 1980s with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a cer­tificate to teach art and in 2004 from OSU with my Master’s degree in Art Education. I have also taken a variety of other art classes and workshops over the years to continue my artistic education at places like Miami University's Craftsummer Program.
Over the years I have worked to refine my drawing and painting skills. I began my art career by selling drawings and paintings of buildings in central Ohio and all over the U.S. My prints of Westerville have sold out several times. I became so interested in drawing that I used the subject matter of drawing for my master’s thesis by relating the history of drawing to the teaching of drawing. I also used my drawing skills to record my recent stay in Europe. 
In 1997, I began my teaching artist career by teaching drawing to students in Westerville. Now I teach a variety of art classes in a many different settings in central Ohio, including the McConnell Arts Center and Columbus Academy. While touching hundreds of students over the years, my teaching continues to help me develop as an artist as I experience art with my students.
Over the past 7 years my art has moved to more contemporary paintings and sculptures. One of my contemporary paintings, called Living Earth, hung in the hallway at COSI for over 2 years and now has a home at Daybreak Homeless Shelter in Dayton, Ohio. The popularity of my contemporary art has continued to grow and I am having two one person shows within the next year. One is an installation show at the Concourse Gallery in Upper Arlington this November of this year. The other show will be at the Marian Library at the University of Dayton. I'm so excited about these shows, because I will have the opportunity to see how the public reacts to my artistic vision.
Even as I move into more contemporary works, my paintings and drawings continue to be the base for all my work and I still go back to them to hone my skills as an artist. Over the years I have done dozens of drawings and paintings of my home town and continue to be influenced by these art works. I also I’m continually energized by my students.

My Mural reinstalled at Daybreak Homeless Shelter

My Website

Check out more about me at my web site: 

 About My Summer

Every summer I teach art classes at a variety of locations around central Ohio. This summer I will spend a record number of weeks (ten to be exact) teaching art classes and camps at the following places: Columbus Academy, Westerville Parks and Recreation and the McConnell Arts Center. I hope to make posts from all my weeks of teaching. I will also be spending a week helping out with a camp for special needs adults called Friendship Connections at my church, Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna. I will start the first week of June and go through the Second week of August. 

Check out each of the web sites to sign up for my camps and classes:

Columbus Academy Summer Experience;
McConnell Arts Center
Westerville Parks and Recreations

I also have plans to be do several outdoor painting events this summer on the weekends and I will also post pictures from those as well. I am also going to participate, for the first time in 20 years, in the Westerville Music and Arts Festival selling my drawings, paintings and prints of Westerville.

Week #1 June 3-7: Columbus Academy

Fairytale Fun

Description of this Camp

Have fun with fairytales! Over the week we will look at several famous fairytales and see what we can do to update these tales. We will do art projects related to each of the tales and learn about the history behind each of the stories. Students will also be challenged to rewrite the stories in more modern versions and then at the end of the class write their own fairytale story. Students will use storybooks, cartoons, dioramas, puppet play to present their new updated fairytales.