Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Art through the Ages Day 3

Medieval Times

 We learned what it was like to live in Medieval times. We created banners and shields with our coat of arms on them. We also learned how to weave like some of the workers did back then. In the afternoon we watched The Sward and the Stone and then we created murals about own legends.

Here are the kids and their banners after they were finished the next day.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Art Through the Ages Day 2

Art Through the last class this summer at Summer Experience. We are going to be studying 9 different periods in history through art projects.
I forgot to take picture yesterday. In the morning we studied prehistoric man and made pots out of air dry clay and then we made cave drawings. In the afternoon we studied the Egyptians and created tombs.

 Today we learned about the Romans. We learned about Roman Numerals by using coins with the numerals on them Then we made a clock with Roman Numerals.

 We also created roman buildings out of great boxes that I found in the trash. Many of the buildings had Roman baths and mosaic floors and walls in them.

 In the afternoon we learned about castles and knights. Then we made paper castles. The kids made some fantastic castles!